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Find Your Birth Parents Using A Private Investigator


If you were adopted as a child and have never met your birth parents, there’s a very good chance that you’d like to meet them at some point. But how do you go about getting started? After all, there’s a distinct possibility that they don’t want to be found. Well, the good news is that a private detective agency might just be able to help.


Tracing birth parents is just one of the many services offered by an agency of this type, so if you’re struggling with not knowing, they can provide answers. Nothing’s certain of course, but at the end of the process, you’ll either find your birth parents or you’ll get closure from the knowledge that you did everything you could to locate them.


You Have a Right to See Your Birth Parents


Whilst Australian child adoption laws generally prevent birth parents from seeing their kids up to the age of 18, there’s nothing to stop them meeting up after this point. What’s also permitted once adulthood has been reached is for someone who’s been adopted to view their original birth certificate – which will show their birth mother’s name and sometimes the father’s name too. Once you have these names you can set about trying to locate them today. Of course, a birth mother is quite likely to have gone and gotten married since she adopted you out, but private investigators have access to databases you don’t, plus decades of expertise in looking for birth parents.


For some, knowing who their actual birth parents are is sufficient, but often, there’s a burning desire to trace and locate them and meet up. This is where the skills of a private investigator  can help greatly, as they use their expert techniques and impartiality to get the job done.


Can You Trace your Birth Parents Yourself?


Yes, you can. With the details obtained from the Registry of Births or Adoption Services in your particular state, or you can use the social media platforms such as Facebook to see if they are easy to find. It’s also a good idea to try searching the Australia-wide electoral roll or Deaths and Marriages register to see if their name pops up. In many cases, this will give you the result you’re looking for.


If you were to turn to a private detective agency  to lend a hand in your search and they did find your birth mother or father, it’s not necessarily the end of the story. Then you have the potential contact to come – how do you want to go about this? We find that the best method is a direct approach from you, the adoptee.  A heart-felt approach is usually the way to go. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, they have the right to say no and remain hidden if they so wish, but there’s a good chance that they might say yes too – that is certainly our experience. We’ve had some great results over the years, some even making mainstream media and prime-time television such as the hit Channel Nine show This Time Next Year. check out a couple of our stories by looking at the following videos.


Private Investigators Can Help With a Range of Personal Issues


For many years, there was something of a stigma to hiring an investigator, as it was somehow seen as seedy or a bit dodgy. The truth in the modern era is very different, as it’s a regulated industry with proper professionals plying their trade. Whether you want them to find a birth parent or gather evidence for a neighbour dispute, reputable firms work ethically and affordably. Check out that the investigator is licensed though, there are some cowboys still around………


At Gold Coast Investigations, we’re an experienced private investigation company with years of success in resolving a range of personal issues like the one mentioned here. If you’d like to know more about us and how you can also rely on us to act professionally and cost-effectively at all times, visit us online at


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