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Infidelity – Cheating Partners

Our investigations team handle all matters in the South East Queensland area and have established long term associations with investigation professionals in other Qld regional areas, throughout Australia, as well as overseas.


If your partner is being unfaithful or deceitful then you certainly have the right to know. If they are not then you need proof in order to regain peace of mind. It is only by having the facts of whether infidelity is occurring or not that you can either confront your partner or get on with your life if the results prove otherwise.


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In some cases infidelity will be obvious fairly quickly,  or at best lying to you about something and you just need physical proof before you can confront them.

We can help, if only to eliminate your doubts, which will surely ease your burden and anguish.

The infidelity specialist branch of Gold Coast Investigations, Lipstick Investigations in particular offer a friendly, discreet and sympathetic approach to all infidelity inquiries. We’ve been doing this for 25 years.


Finding out the truth is a Five-Step-Process

Step 1. Become better informed. If you are uncertain about the infidelity, or would like to know more about what you can do and how to go about it, we suggest you start with reading the material below.

Step 2. Make a decision.  You will need to decide whether you would like to know if your concerns are valid, and/or whether you need solid proof / video evidence of the affair.

Step 3.  Timing. Timing is critical (and can keep your costs low). Almost every infidelity matter usually comes down to surveillance. If you can already pin-point the days and time-frames when you believe your partner might be seeing another person, then those days/times should be when the surveillance is conducted. Contact us with details of the days/times and the suburb where surveillance is to commence. We’ll get back to you with a firm all-up price of conducting that surveillance.

If your partner’s away-time is too erratic and cannot be easily pin-pointed, you you may need to put some extra time (and money) into the investigation to gather your results.

Step 4. Contact us. Contact us and we will work on a viable strategy to provide you the information you need … and finally some peace of mind.

Step 5. Stay calm and keep everything “normal”.  This is critical.  Do not give you partner any reason to suspect you are curious about them.  Check out our list of 35 Signs of Infidelity




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