Company overview

Our investigations team handle all matters in the South East Queensland area and have established long term associations with investigation professionals in other Qld regional areas, throughout Australia, as well as overseas.

Investigation Services

Our group was originally established in 1994 and is now one of Australia’s leading providers of specialized surveillance and investigation services to:

  • Government departments
  • Insurance companies
  • Legal firms
  • Corporate clients
  • Businesses
  • Individuals

David King (the owner and lead investigator) has maintained a continuous hands-on (administrative and in-the-field) role over the past 28 years and is arguably the Gold Coast’s most experienced exponent of surveillance techniques, practices and procedures. David oversees each and every matter handled by our investigations group and frequently will work on those matters personally.  David has a high media profile regularly appearing on television, radio and in the print media encompassing newspapers, magazines and online publications.

Our investigations services group incorporating Lipstick Investigations, Integral Investigations , Agency99 and now the local office of Gold Coast Investigations continues to provide specialized surveillance and investigation services to a wide variety of different clients and has maintained a strong reputation for quality, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

We provide focused, high calibre and innovative surveillance and investigative solutions and our overall goal has always been to assist our clients in obtaining the timely and accurate information they seek in a cost-effective manner.

The managing director has always maintained a very direct, hands-on approach to all aspects of  our administrative and in-the-field investigation services and we believe it is this expertise that sets us apart from many other agencies.

Whilst some companies (appear to) have multiple offices in various Australian states and flashy “smoke and mirrors” marketing  sometimes seeming impressive, we believe it is the skill and expertise of an agency’s administrative and investigation services personnel that ultimately guides and defines the quality of the work produced. and we are truly LOCAL!


The best-intentioned business policies are vulnerable if the infrastructure of the business is weak, or sound business practices and leadership are lacking. We continually strive to instill in our staff a strong sense of business integrity, character, relationship, responsibility, cooperation and a passion for excellence in their work product.

“Every job done is a self-portrait of the person who did it.  Sign your work with excellence.” – Jessica Guidobono