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Solicitors and Law Firms – Litigation Support

Our private investigators work with instructing solicitors to investigate civil and criminal cases.

For litigation support from the inception of a lawsuit or criminal case, through the fact gathering stage, negotiation and finally to settlement or verdict, Gold Coast Investigations will acquire salient facts crucial to your success in the courtroom.

Our services include:

Identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses

We are able to quickly locate most witnesses and conduct effective interviews and take statements in written, audiotape or video formats.

Investigative guidance and recommendations

A lawyer needs someone experienced in litigation support who can see the direction a case is taking, capitalise on it and ultimately know what is needed and make all the necessary arrangements to get it all done. We are experienced in handling large cases for our clients, which allows you to focus on the strategy of the case.

Conducting factual investigations

We always focus on the questions you need answered and answer them fully and directly.

Locating assets

We diligently locate personal and business assets.

Reviewing documents

Litigation support – we know what to look for.

Focusing and limiting the scope of discovery

We can provide background information on witnesses and parties to a civil or criminal matter. We also can provide information to refute or confirm information developed by discovery.

Scene Investigation

We provide professional and representative photos and diagrams of the scene, which are ready for introduction as exhibits.

Background investigations

We conduct background checks to uncover personal, professional, financial, civil and criminal histories.

Estate and Probate investigations

These investigations often involve following a trail years old. From locating missing heirs and witnesses to uncovering unknown assets, we have a proven track record of providing professional and efficient litigation support in estate and probate investigation services.

Document and evidence retrieval

Give us a list of the documents you need. We know how to obtain them as quickly as possible.

Digital video assistance

Video editing and preparation for effective trial presentation

We maintain a strong focus on the deadlines with which you may be faced. We are flexible and able to work with you to achieve your goals.

Competitive Business Intelligence (CBI) – gaining a business advantage

Competitive Business Intelligence is a relatively new concept that can greatly assist any business to obtain a decided advantage over its competitors.

CBI allows a business to gain valuable foresight into market trends, buyer behaviour and competitors’ plans by employing creative techniques for the gathering of legal and ethical information from a variety of sources such as public records, direct or indirect (pretext) interviews and physical surveillance.

The information obtained is then analysed and combined into strategic recommendations for a business. CBI can help predict the future plans of competitors by understanding their behaviour and thought processes.