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What to Look Out For When Hiring a Private Investigator


If you’ve never used a private investigator agency  before, it can be a bit of minefield trying to find the one that suits you best. Do a basic Google search and you’ll find dozens of agencies from Sydney to Adelaide to Gold coast to Perth to Brisbane to Melbourne, all telling you that theirs are the most cost-effective methods of getting to the bottom of all types of issues from finding missing persons to investigating infidelity. most online advertisers aren’t even located on the Gold Coast – we are one of a handful of operators right here in Surfers Paradise.


So, with so much choice available, how do you know which private investigator is right for you? Come with us now as we look at a couple of the indicators that show that the company you’re using is both reputable and honest in how they get things done.


Only Work With Licensed Investigator Agencies


The first thing you’ve got to ensure when looking for a private investigator online is that they’re licensed and that they’re licensed in the state they’re operating in. That’s because not only does it mean that they’re operating legally, but also that they abide by the necessary code of ethics that’s required to hold the licence in the first instance.


Any private investigator  worth their salt will have their licensing clearly displayed on their website and if not, it’s possible to check out a firm’s credentials by checking with the relevant authority. Some states only have partial online verification services so ask your potential investigator for their licence number if you can’t find it on their website. For example, here in Queensland you can check licensing details via the Office of Fair Trading website.  In any discussions with an investigation agency that you may be using, don’t be afraid to ask for their licensing information if you haven’t been able to locate it. If they’re in any way cagey about it, we’d give them a wide berth – just more on to the next one.


Check Out What their Previous Customers Say


There’s a great deal of insight that can be gained from looking at what past customers say about any particular agency, as it’s about the most honest type of feedback there is. By looking at any given firm’s past reviews, you’ll get a good understanding of how customers are treated directly from those that have used their services first-hand. Having said that, we can tell you how hard it is to get authentic reviews in the investigation industry because most clients and customers don’t want it known that they have used a private investigator. So when you see an investigation firm with dozens of reviews we can safely say they are manufactured!


The advertising for any given private investigation agency  might look amazing, but only by checking whether customer feedback bears that out can you know for sure whether you’re working with an agency that uses ethical and legal methods. It’s important because if they don’t, it can reflect back on you and cause you bigger issues than you started out with. There are a handful of investigation businesses we know of which just rip off their clients, and change their business name within a few years once their reputation has been sullied enough. There is one particular fraudster within the Australian investigation industry who claims to have been a licensed investigator for over 40 years, but looking further into this business outside of his own website will show you to bankruptcy, licence revoked, and many many bad press articles. So be careful!  In comparison have a look at some of our media from the last decade by clicking here  and our television appearances by clicking here

Do Your Homework!


So, when you’re searching for a reputable private investigator  that you can rely on to get the job done, follow just these two pieces of advice and you’ll avoid getting involved with a dodgy operator. At Gold Coast Investigations we only use licenced private investigators  with years of experience in helping our clients solve all kinds of personal and professional issues.


If you’d like to know more about why we’re considered as one of the leading agencies in our field, visit us online at Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly about your needs, call us on 07 5646 9716 and we’d be delighted to talk you through the many services we are able to provide.


More and more Aussies are using private investigative services, so you should never feel bad about using one to resolve those matters you can’t deal with yourself. That’s it from us for this blog. We’ll be back with more hints, tips and advice next time.