Background Check

Personal background checks can uncover information about a person’s character and past.

They are often used in pre-employment, dating and prenuptial situations and can tell you if someone is being honest about their past or if they are being truthful. They are also used for domestic help screening such as nannies, housekeepers, and personal assistants. Personal background checks offer you peace of mind when making decisions about the future. All background checks are totally confidential and the person being investigated will not find out about the investigation.

Who benefits from a background check?

Fiancés, boyfriends/girlfriends, concerned relatives and anyone else entering into a personal or any other type of relationship with a person.

What can be learned from a background check?

The following lists some of the information that can often be obtained about a person:-

Background Search No. 1 – Basic Database Searches ($880.00)

  • Confirmation of their (full) name and possibly any aliases they have used.
  • Their date of birth
  • Their current address
  • Their address history
  • Who else resides at their current and past address/es (this can assist in identifying a spouse and other relatives)
  • Property ownership (Qld and NSW)
  • Details of any publicly available prosecutions and convictions (e.g. 10 years newspaper archive searches, deep web metadata searches, etc.)
  • Have they appeared before a criminal court in Qld, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, ACT, NT & ACT.
  • Financial defaults and judgements
  • Past legal actions
  • Have they been sued or have they sued someone else
  • Their social networking sites (via a known email address)
  • Where they were (country, state, city and possibly a suburb) when they sent you an email

NOTE:  Not all of the above information is always available.

What information CANNOT be obtained in a background search?

The following information cannot be obtained as, in most cases, it is either illegal to obtain or is unavailable due to various privacy legislation:-

  • Police criminal histories criminal court attendance records for most states are, however, available)
  • Personal financial credit information (business credit information, along with publicly available defaults / judgements / bankruptcies is available)
  • Documented confirmation of a marriage
  • Documented confirmation of children from a marriage or relationship
  • Medical information
  • Bank account information
  • Vehicle registration information)
  • Telephone and internet accounts
  • Military service (DOD) Records

How accurate is the information obtained?

Often the extent and accuracy of information that can be found out about someone will depend entirely on how accurate the information you already have about the person really is. For example, if you are not 100% certain on the person’s full name, or any of the other supplied information, then we can never be totally sure if we are looking into the right person.