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Real Estate Pre-Purchase Neighbourhood Surveys

Are you potentially buying a house next to the neighbours from hell?

Buying a house usually involves the largest purchase (and usually the longest financial commitment) of a person’s life. Yet in most cases, a person buying a property will only visit that property a few times before the purchase.

Gold Coast Investigations conduct detailed pre-purchase surveys for potential home buyers. In the Gold Coast and Brisbane metropolitan area, a flat fee of $850 will provide you with:

Neighbourhood Surveys:

  • Full details of general neighbourhood activity over a 3 hour morning period to identify such matters as noisy neighbours departing for work in loud cars and / or motorcycles.
  • Detailed interviews with the persons residing in a minimum of 4 neighbouring properties to determine exactly what the general neighbourhood is like. We are skilled interviewers (and licensed investigators) who will, when appropriate, conduct those interviews using suitable pretexts (aka social engineering) to elicit the truth, not some bogus information that is of no real value to anyone.
  • Details of who owns or rents neighbouring properties.