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Child Custody & Supervised Access Investigations

In a child custody matter, Gold Coast Investigations would normally conduct surveillance to record the activities of a parent, baby sitter or nanny while they are with the client’s child or children

Each matter can be different and we will always target our investigation to accommodate the needs of the client or client’s lawyer.

We fully document all unsafe activities on the part of the subject of the investigation, including: –

  • Driving with the child out of a car-seat.
  • Drug or alcohol use by the parent while with the child.
  • Putting the child into unhealthy or unsafe situations.
  • Parent’s affiliation with unsafe or unhealthy people during visitation.
  • Parent’s violation of the rules of visitation.
  • Parent driving with child in the car after drinking alcohol at a bar or restaurant.
  • Verbal or physical abuse that might take place outside of the family home.
  • Disparaging remarks about the other parent or other inappropriate discussions within ear shot of the child.

In Queensland, we can’t audio record the conversations of the subject or other parties, unless this can be overheard by the investigator, and then documented in writing However, all the evidence obtained is fully documented on video.