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Missing Persons / Finding Someone

Need to locate someone? A long lost love or family member? Perhaps a high school, university or military friend?

Missing Persons

Do you have a missing persons assignment? Perhaps the missing persons relates to an old flame you haven’t seen for many years, or someone may owe you money. Perhaps you are looking for your biological father or birth mother, or maybe you put a child up for adoption and wonder where they may be now.

In many cases the missing persons is just the term private investigators use – mostly though missing persons should be referred to as misplaced persons, you’ve probably just lost track of the person and they aren’t ‘missing’ as such.

A true missing persons job relates to someone that has run away from home, possible mental health issues such as depression, or even kidnapping. These can get more expensive than a regular misplaced persons assignment and if this is the situation you find yourself in just go directly to our Contact Us page and touch base with us for some free advice.

Regardless of the reason, Gold Coast Investigations can help and often quickly and inexpensively. We have more than two decades of experience locating missing persons and whilst we don’t find everyone we would have a success rate of about 80% across the board. If the information you can provide to us is accurate and consists of a full name and date of birth, and hopefully an old address, then we can usually locate someone for a fixed price.

We charge $400 up front to accept a missing persons assignment. If we can’t find the person then there is nothing further to pay and we can talk about additional options. But 80% of the time we will find the person for you. Upon a successful location we charge an additional $600 as a ‘success fee’ and the job is done – all for a total of $1000. This is our bread and butter detective work, and it’s almost always carried out without leaving the office. We have a large number of searchable databases and information sources which we use to find people – for all sorts of reasons.

Are you adopted? Or did you adopt out a child? This is a specialty of  Gold Coast Investigations sister agency, Integral Investigations. We have gained much experience in locating biological fathers and biological mothers, as well as biological children. Of course we need some relevant detail to get started which you may or may not have at your fingertips. If you need more detail on your adoption, you may have to access the records from the Office of Births Deaths and Marriages by following this link

We have a great number of database resources, and are highly experienced in these “find my family” investigations. It is amazing the number of times a client has come to us after looking for 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years, and coming up with a dead end on the identity and location of their biological child’s or parent. More often than not, we find that missing family member in days!

Check out our sister agency, Integral Investigations on Channel 9’s ‘This Time Next Year’ where we successfully located the biological mother of a Sydney musician; and on another case reunited a young man schooled in Africa with his Australian school teacher, and the woman who shaped his life. And our most highly publicised case with Therese looking for her biological mother. What a great story this one is. Check out the video here