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With decades of experience, Gold Coast Investigations is here to assist with your needs relating to any private investigation. We offer a truly personal service, with each assignment personally handled by the Managing Director and lead investigator.  With all of that experience under his belt, the advice and recommendations for your particular assignment will be backed by years in the field, and even longer organising  and overseeing all assignments taken on by Gold Coast Investigations.


What do We Do?

The private investigation field is actually quite small – much smaller than it appears when you Google search ‘private investigator Gold coast’. The listings go on for pages yet there are only a handful of actual private investigators on the Gold Coast. So because the industry is actually smaller than it appears, a private investigator will usually have a wide range of specialties on the type of work they do. If a PI specialises to too small a niche they can’t survive in the business world as it is – so we tend to do almost everything that comes through the door.  The main things a private investigator Gold Coast will be asked to do are services such as:


What Is The Process

To start off, give us a call on the telephone, or send us an email. Tell us what you are trying to sort out and a bit of background on what you need from a private investigator Gold Coast. Then using our wealth of experience over many years, we can then advise what we might be able to do for you and ow we can go about it. This will then take us to the point where we can and then give you an idea of cost of your potential investigation.  There is no charge to put this together for you and there is no pressure to move forward with an investigation. clients are ready to proceed only when they feel up to it.  some decisions on having an investigation carried out are simple and business like, but many are emotional and take some time to formulate in your head. There is no rush from our side – whenever you are ready. Be it today, or in three months time – we’ll be available.


How Am I Kept Informed?

Once you have committed to an investigation, you will be kept informed regularly by your nominated method. For example, when we are carrying out a missing persons job or locate investigation, we’ll give you an update within a few days on how things are going. Often we’ll have the answer by then so your update will often be your answer. When we are carrying out a background check or something like a fraud investigation, we often have follow-up questions for a client so you’ll also be in touch on a regular basis.

And when a private investigator Gold Coast surveillance assignment is being carried out you’ll hear from us through the surveillance periods. Management receive regular updates of a person’s movements throughout the day, and we are happy to pass those movements on to a client instantly – so you are usually informed of a subject’s activities within a few minutes of their movement. We think this is one of the services that makes us unique from other private detectives – it’s the personal service that makes the difference.


Are Other Private Investigators Truly On The Gold Coast?

We are a true private investigator Gold Coast. Not someone advertising they are here.  Try and make a physical appointment with other private investigators appearing to be local on the Gold Coast and you will struggle to have someone commit. Gold Coast Investigations have been on the Gold Coast since 2010, and even longer from our Sydney roots nearly thirty years ago.

So if you need to talk to our highly experienced private investigator Gold Coast, call us now on 5646 9716  (+61 7 5646 9716 from overseas) and we’ll give you an initial telephone consultation at no charge to see how me may be able to assist in helping with your particular investigation needs. If at this stage you’d like a physical meeting with our lead private investigator he is available in our Surfers Paradise office by appointment, or can meet you elsewhere if you find the thought a bit daunting.  Of course you can also call the head private investigator Gold Coast on his mobile directly at 0411 853 111 or by email at any time at