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Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages from My Partner’s Phone?


If you’re in a relationship and you’ve begun to notice differences in the way your partner is acting towards you, it’s natural to wonder what’s up. It could be that they’ve gotten quite secretive and are spending too much time looking at their phone, saying ‘it’s no one you’d know’ when you ask them about who they’re speaking to. So, the question is – can a private investigator  recover text messages that have been deleted?


For the average smartphone user, once a text message has been deleted, it’s gone. Does that mean it’s gone forever, or can a private detective agency get them back? Well, the good news is that they can certainly look into for you and there’s a reason why only professionals are able to do it. It’s the technology we have spent a lot of money on to be able to recover deleted texts and other information from mobile phones, tablets and computers. It will require you to have the device in your possession – obviously – and for you to know their pin number, but it is possible. We can’t do it remotely, our technician needs to have the device in his workshop.


With Phones – There’s No Such Thing as Permanent


As any good private detective  will be able to tell you, when it comes to smart phones, there’s no such thing as permanent deletion, unless you’re talking about one that has been put back to factory settings. If your partner is up to no good and they think that simply deleting texts they’re sending is enough to get rid of them forever – they could be in for a nasty shock.


The reason why it’s a specialist job is that it requires sophisticated equipment and computer program, not to mention technical training,  that’s able to drag out and download all ‘deleted’ texts. Restoring them typically requires the phone in question to be hooked up to a computer via USB  so that the software can do it’s work. It’s important to state that the longer it’s left, the lower the chances are of full retrieval, so we’d recommend sending the hardware into a PI firm sooner rather than later. Eventually as a phone fills with data, it can fill to the point where it starts to overwrite older data, thus making it harder to recover deleted text messages.


So, How Does The Process Work?


Ok, so if you’re in possession of your partner’s phone, the process is quite simple. You send the smartphone via an insured courier, or hand deliver to the private investigator  in question and they’ll work on retrieving the offending messages. The job changes from one phone brand and operating system to the next and not all data is able to be recovered, so it can be challenging to access it on occasion. we certainly can’t guarantee to get exactly what you need – recovering deleted text messages is not like going into a store with a shopping list and buying things off the shelf to order.


Usually around three to five days later, you’ll get your answer and any retrieved messages will come with a date and time stamp, so they can be used as evidence in any court proceedings that come later. If there’s nothing there then you can move on knowing you have tried. If you were able to recover the deleted text messages, you’re armed with the info you need to protect your interests.


Let the Professionals Get to the Bottom of Your Issue


We completely understand how difficult it can be to deal with a secretive spouse, so we’re glad to be able to offer a service that allows our clients to be better informed. At Gold Coast Investigations, we have been in the private investigator  business for many years and we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to retrieve the digital data that you need.


If you would like to know more about anything discussed here or you simply want to know more about us and how we do things, visit us online at and take a look around. If however your needs are more urgent, please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us on 07 5646 9716. Our friendly advisors are on hand to help you get to the bottom of your issues with the least possible stress and aggravation.