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So, You Think You’re Being Spied On By A Hidden Camera – What Do You Do Next?


The scary fact is that it’s easier to spy on someone now than it has ever been in the past, due in no small part to major advances in technology over recent years. Once upon a time, anyone wanting to use hidden cameras surreptitiously had to get creative, mostly because of the size of the hardware, but now a hidden camera is far smaller and much harder to detect – unless of course, you’re a private investigator and know what to look for.


Modern-day spy cameras can be tiny and they’re super-affordable too, meaning that this kind of technology is accessible to pretty much anyone.  Jump on to EBay and see what they cost – you’d be shocked with what is available and how cheap they can be. So, if for some reason you find yourself suspecting that someone might be using tech to spy on you at home or at work – what can you do about it? Is there actually anything you can do about it?


Check the Most Common Places


As a good private detective will be able to tell you, there are certain places that hidden video recording devices are often found. We’re talking about places like bookshelves, electrical outlets, smoke detectors, plants and tissue boxes. This might sound a little clichéd, but people can be really predictable sometimes, so make sure you check there. Think about anything recently introduced to your room – is there a new clock, or a new computer speaker? Has a security company been in to install a new system? Hidden cameras aren’t invisible – they are by nature ‘hidden’. Its a matter of knowing where to look.


Turn Out Your Lights & Look Around


If our first suggestion fails to uncover anything, try another private investigator  trick, which involves turning off the lights. Many modern home spy cameras feature small LED lights which can become immediately visible when you take away the room’s only light source, so keep an eye out for flashing or unusual lights that you’ve never noticed before. A hidden camera can often have infra-red which in total darkness, can actually be seen emitting a faint red glow. When you know what to look for these types of hidden cameras can become quite obvious.


Use Your Mobile Phone A Camera Sensor


Our next suggestion is to use tech to your own advantage by using your smartphone as a makeshift hidden camera detector. When you place a call to someone and experience buzzing or clicking in certain areas, you could be picking up the electromagnetic field of the camera. Or you could choose to download a free app to your phone that’s specifically designed for the job! You can even buy a cheap hidden camera detector from an electrical store such as Jaycar Electronics or online at Ebay.


Call In a Professional Private Detective Agency


If you’ve tried all of your own DIY methods of hidden camera detection, but still have that same feeling that you’re being watched, it might be time to call in a professional private investigator . Most good firms will have the knowledge and equipment required to a full sweep of your home or office. An investigator’s equipment for carrying our a hidden camera sweep is much more advanced than other things we have talked about here – sometimes worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A skilled operator of this more accurate hidden camera sweep equipment, along with his trained eye, will always locate a hidden camera or listening device. Of course a trained professional with the right equipment will charge accordingly for this expertise so be prepared to pay for the luxury of a professional.


Calling in the experts will allow you to get a definitive answer about whether you’re being spied on and if something is found, they might also give you an idea about who might have put them there – if you don’t already have your own suspicions. Often the type of installation and style of hidden camera can give a good idea on who we might be dealing with.  A cheap item bought online is more likely a spousal matter or similar, whereas if the hidden camera is more technical then you are probably dealing with big business or even the authorities.


A Private Detective  Can Give You The Answers You Need


Whilst cases of people using tech in this way is relatively uncommon, it does happen. Sure, you can feel like you’re being paranoid, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not correct in being suspicious. Rather than going out of your mind and obsessing about it, why not call in some expert professional assistance and get you the answers you need to get on with your life? So many times we have left a client’s premises without finding anything, but from that point on they can relax knowing that the premises has been swept clean.


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